oving to Austria through university entrance is probably the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to immigrate to this beautiful alpine country.

But if this process still scares you, read this article about the stages of moving with the purpose of learning, so that everything will fall into place.

Having received a positive response from the university, you need to think about housing. And then the eternal question arises: what is better, an apartment or a hostel? We will try to understand in detail.

If the money question (reference to the student’s budget) is not worth it, but you want to live in maximum comfort, then, of course, an apartment! Large and with a beautiful view.

Most often, those who move are still limited in money. And everyone wants to take off cheaper. If cheaper, then the hostel! And do not be afraid of the Austrian dormitories, they are beautiful (private toilet, bathroom and kitchen – the usual things in such hostels).

Below we give you a comparative table of apartments and hostels based on the minimum area (per person):


Apartment Dormitory
Price 300-500 euro 250-350 euro
Electricity 30-50 euro Included in rent
Utility 50-80 euro Included in rent
Internet 10-30 euro Included in rent
Furniture Need to buy Dorm rooms fully furnished
The procedure for concluding an agreement Without being in the country, you can rent only from a large company, private landlords do not want to cooperate with those who are not yet in the country or have just arrived.
If you have a certificate of enrollment from the university and there is space
Additional benefits

Some hostels with which we cooperate are offered free of charge: – gym,

– sauna,

– shared kitchen,

– common room for parties,

– laundry,

– room for rehearsals,

– a room with a TV.

Pets By agreement of the owner Forbidden
Moving with children Not a problem. There are student dormitories that allow settling with minor children.

Would you be interested to see a photo or video tour of one of the Austrian dormitories? Let us know, then we will ask our blogger from Austria to make a report directly from the hostel!

Source: https://www.avstriya.at/kvartira-ili-obshhezhitie-v-avstrii-kakoe-zhiljo-luchshe/