St.Valentine’s Day in Austria is traditionally celebrated every year, on February 14th. It is believed that the roots of this holiday go back to the times of ancient Rome. Lupercalia (February 13–15) was an archaic rite and festival which was strongly connected to the fertility and childbirth.

In Christianity, many Valentines are known, however, this holiday is most often associated with a military doctor and priest from the time of Emperor Claudius II also known as Claudius Gothicus. He believed that having a family would badly interfere with the soldier’s fighting spirit, so he forbade them to get married. According to legend, St. Valentine, who also served in the army as a doctor, secretly continued to marry the soldiers with their girlfriends, and for that crime, he eventually has lost his life.

Today, this holiday is associated primarily with couples in love, who give each other various gifts, as well as “Valentine’s cards” with declarations of love, often in the shape of a heart.

Where to go on St.Valentine’s Day in Austria?

The list is purely subjective, but thanks to its diversity, everyone in Austria can find something to his taste.

It is also worth noting that in winter romantic walks can be somewhat problematic due to weather conditions.

1. Hallstatt

A small and ancient village in Upper Austria, one of the main tourist attractions in Austria. The most convenient way to get there is by car because you will be able to admire the beauties of nature, mountains, and lakes along the way. It is somewhat banal, but the author of these lines has been there already 4 times and never regret it.

2. The historic center of Vienna

Another rather banal place, especially from the point of view of a resident of Vienna, but to walk through the cozy streets of the capital of Austria, to see the offers of many shops, restaurants and cafes is always interesting. In addition, you can constantly hear the Russian language.

3. Opera

Another symbol of both Vienna and Austria. Great opportunity to enjoy opera and ballet. Despite the stereotypes about high tickets price, you can always find the price which is suitable for you. Fans of cultural time with their beloved ones will obviously enjoy.

4. The Vienna Woods (Leopoldsberg and Kalenberg)

One of the places that are not easily getting to. But if you do – its really wonderful and romantic place. The couples will have a fantastic view of the city from the hills and can spend a marvelous time together drinking coffee in a nearby restaurant.

5. Museum Belvedere

Not the most obvious place, but imagine – walk hand in hand through the halls of the museum, viewing masterpieces of fine art, and finally reach to The Kiss of Gustav Klimt. Romantic mood is provided. 

6. Night Vienna / Salzburg / Graz / Linz

Let’s escape a bit from culture and aesthetics to nightlife. Each of these cities provides a wide range of activities for people for every taste and color. Discos of the 80s, 90s, stand-ups, performances of beginner groups and even special events for those who are alone ’- many institutions hold special events, in connection with the holiday, for every taste, color and wallet.

7. Salzburg Center and Hohensalzburg Fortress (Hohensalzburg)

Another cultural and historical landmark on this list. In my humble taste, somewhat cozier and more atmospheric than Vienna – due to its smaller size, proximity to the mountains and the fortress hanging over the city.

8. Innsbruck

A wonderful city that has already hosted the Olympic Games twice. Many parks and historic buildings will not leave you indifferent. In addition, there are many ski resorts in the area.

9. Semmering, Ischgl, Bad Gastein, Kitzbühel

This list can go on for quite a long time, and also devote a whole separate article. All of them are the ski resorts of Austria. Some are more expensive and pretentious, some – cheaper and more comfortable. Some are designed for the winter sports recreation, some are more suitable for leisurely ski trips.

10. Your own favourite place in Austria

I decided to add this point to my list to let everybody open their mind and think about it a little. Many of our readers have been living in Austria for years and know how to “own” a place with which you have fond memories and a smile. It might be an institution where you met your soulmate, or, for example, a simple shop somewhere on the bank of the Danube where you finally realized that you are in love. Each of such place is deeply individual.

And what places would you advise to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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