he worldwide spas are recognized around the world as an ideal place for rest and treatment, because here the purest nature and modern achievements of medicine are combined. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how thermal waters are useful and how best to organize your vacation at a spa resort.

Effective treatment

Most Austrian spa resorts are located near mineral springs. Depending on the composition of the water, guests are offered treatment of various diseases. Thermal Römerbad Bad Kleinkirchheim waters in Carinthia rich in mineral salts contain potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates, which are useful for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. And the waters of the resort Bad Tatzmannsdorf in Burgenland are carbonic, which makes them high in calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, chloride, which helps to quickly get rid of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems. Mineral water is drunk, it is bathed in it, and in RognerBadBlumau in Styria it was thought up to use it also as a simulator. Special exercise complexes Aqua Jogging or Deep water running are great for body shaping and quickly lose weight.

Peace of mind and body as a philosophy

Thermal resorts in Austria adhere to a certain philosophy and transmit it through the design and services offered. The Aqua Dome Spa in Langenfeld is located in a complex with unique architecture. The interiors are decorated in accordance with the philosophy of Feng Shui – the designers used only natural wood and stone. This work of art resort RognerBadBlumau designed by the great artist and architect Hundertwasser. According to the author, the complex symbolizes the harmony of man and nature. In the resort wellness programs, only natural treatment methods are used. The Therme Laa Hotel in Lower Austria uses WATSU therapy, or aquatic shiatsu, designed to completely relax the body and restore physical and emotional strength. And at the spa resort of Warmbad Villach, seaweed, sea salt and even caviar are used for relaxation! Several resorts in Upper Austria – SpaHotelBründl, Barmherzigen Brüder – adhere to the Kneipp Kur method, according to which five elements are used to improve your well-being: water, plants, nutrition, exercise and balance.

Contemplation as a source of strength

Another signature touch of Austrian spa resorts is great views. If you like to bask in the thermal pools and at the same time admire the views of the Austrian Alps and green meadows, then you definitely need to come here. From the AlpenthermeGastein in the Salzburg Region there is a stunning view of the giant glacier of the High Tauern National Park and the geysers. The unique architecture of the Aqua Dome complex allows you directly from the pool to admire the Ötztal valley surrounded by mountains and sun-drenched. Romantics during night bathing will be especially enjoyable here – the impression of swimming as if floating in the air in bowls of pools under a starry sky is unforgettable.

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