agic reigns on every street and square: the smell of fresh pastries, roasted almonds and chestnuts, a couple of mulled wine in the air, street musicians, colorful lights around – yes, we see and hear it, we smell its smells and tastes. Christmas!

Within Temptation

Austria is a country of tradition and is proud of it. Therefore, each holiday here is an event gathered from customs and trifles, thanks to which a special atmosphere is born, which no other country can recreate. Pleasant pre-Christmas adventures (Advent) begin a month before the holiday. On the first Sunday morning, almost in every house, Adventkranz lights the first candle, in a week – two, and on the last, fourth, Sunday, just before Christmas – all four. Previously, there were 28 candles — for every day, probably, so that in the quivering anticipation “not to oversleep” the holiday itself.

If Christmas, then fair!

At the same time, diligently, tastefully and soulfully decorated streets and houses turn cities into a wonderful fairy tale. Numerous Christmas markets and bazaars open until January open their doors. People come here for a truly festive mood, in order to communicate with the people, standing in line for mulled wine and punch (the recipe of which, by the way, according to legend, was given to people by the dwarves), to arrange a feast of the stomach and buy gifts for their loved ones.

Vienna has one of the oldest Christmas markets. In 1296, for the first time, Viennese merchants received permission to build a December grocery market for citizens in the Town Hall. Today, on this very site in November, one after another, elegant wooden huts grow, in which you can find Christmas-tree toys, and all possible types of baking, and wooden or ceramic crafts. In addition, here, on Christkindlmarkt imRathauspark is the main Christmas tree of the country, which Vienna receives every year as a gift from one of the federal states of Austria. Kids don’t get bored here – you can ride on the carousel, pony or fun express, make something with your hands or bake real Christmas cookies.

The festive Bazaar in Spittelberg is located in one of the historical districts of Vienna, not on the usual square for fairs, but on several small quiet cozy streets. Recently, a Christmas post office opened here, so if you have not had time to send an order to fulfill your desires, be sure to check out here.

Near the castle of Wilhelminenberg, which is on the mountain of the same name, they also organize a small, almost home fair. It is always warm and tasty, like mom’s. In the meantime, kids squeal with delight on a small railway or listen to Christmas stories from St. Nicholas, you have the opportunity to look at the bright, all the lights of Vienna from above, to remember the past year, take a deep breath and … move on.

Those who wish to participate in street theater and music performances, look at the installations and the fire show are eagerly awaited by the Art Adventure on Karlsplatz Square. Also set “live” Christmas.


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