ll are in love with freebies and the University of Vienna will be a pleasant surprise for those who fall under the category of students eligible to study there for free.

Sometimes, in order to go to study abroad is trivially not enough money. And there is knowledge and desire and German at the level, and the financial side of the issue leaves much to be desired. In this case, it remains only to hope for a scholarship or grant, or go to study in Vienna.

What a miracle is

Vienna Central University gives the right to study for free (you only need to pay a student fee every semester in the amount of € 16.50) to students who do not have Austrian Reifezeugnis / Studienabschluss, i.e. Austrian school diploma or Austrian higher education diploma (bachelor, master, Akademiebrief, Diplom, Diplom (FH), etc.) from the following countries.
For your convenience, the green highlighted countries whose citizens often visit germanblog.ru.

Not bad, right?

Agree to a good help for those who want to go to study in Austria. Another question is that, due to this policy, the University of Vienna will soon be crowded. He is still experiencing some difficulties with an excessive number of students, and in the coming years, I am sure, the situation will change for the worse.
In the Studienabteilung of the University of Innsbruck, I was informed that the Austrian government intends in the summer of 2011 to make some changes in the procedure for enrolling students (including foreign ones) in their universities.In addition to other tightening, quantitative restrictions will be imposed on the study places of those specialties where today there is no such rigid framework.

Austria is not rubber, and the University of Vienna, I think, will soon also cover its shop with free education for foreigners. So hurry!

Source: http://germanblog.ru/obrazovanie/v-avstrii/uchitsja-v-vene-besplatno/comment-page-3