ello to all! My name is Ilya and I entered the University of Vienna (as außerordentlicher Student at the preparatory department of the German language). I want to describe my first steps after arriving in Vienna 🙂

On Thursday, I arrived in Vienna and immediately went to Magistrate 35 on Friday, which is on Dresdnerstrasse 93

You can get to the S-Bahn- station Treisengasse or U6 subway Dresdner Strasse). Go, go to the administrator, take a number (on the number will be written, for example: floor 5, waiting room G and number itself 333).

We go up to the 5th floor, go into the waiting room G (there everyone is sitting culturally and waiting when on the small screen the office itself appears opposite the number 333, where we need it). For example, the screen showed room 560 (333 \ 560 will be displayed on the screen), then we are going to cab. 560, we show the documents there (they asked me only for the international passport) and give us fingerprints.

They give you an invitation sheet, where it will be written, when to come back to the magistrate – pick up a plastic card – the annual student visa Aufenthaltstitel – and what other documents to bring. It:

  1. Same invitation sheet
  2. Passport
  3. New account statement
  4. Insurance (e-card)
  5. Studienbestätigung (given in uni)
  6. 80 euros

And one more thing, the magistrate works until 12 am, i.e. up to 12, everyone who has time comes in, and after 12 they close the entrance and only the exit is open.

Registration for German preparatory courses

Today I went to Uni at Referat Studienzulassung to register for a preparatory department in German. There are two girls standing at the entrance and handing out numbers. First they gave me a receipt to pay for the preparatory department. I paid, returned, showed paid check + need to have with me:

  1. Photo for student
  2. Passport
  3. University invitation

Only then you will be given a number tag (for example, 450). You enter a large (lecture) hall with a large screen, sit down and wait for your number to appear, for example, from 400 to 460 and go where everyone who has numbers from 400 to 460 will go. There you get into a smaller hall, sit down and wait until your number is displayed again and on the contrary it will be written which office you need to go to (as in the magistrate). Come on in, show the documents and the university employee gives you everything and registers you.

After that, you need a paid check, a student and an invitation from the university to come to the preparatory department, register there and arrange a test to determine your level of German.

Student Pass

In order to make a travel card for students (called Semesterkarte, it costs only 75 euros, and you can buy at Vorverkaufstellen in U-Bahn) you need to have:

  1. Studierendenausweis (student)
  2. Studienbestätigung
  3. Meldetzel (obligatory!), Where he should write in the line Wohnqualität not Nebenwohnsitz, but Hauptwohnsitz. Sure to! And for insurance it will also be needed.

Student insurance

Insurance (Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse, WGKK) or e-card can be made on the street. Wienerbergstrasse 15-19

It costs 50 euros per month. You need to fill out a form, carry a meldetsel, Studienbestätigung, and a translated copy of the birth certificate.


Source: http://germanblog.ru/obrazovanie/v-avstrii/pervie-shagi-studenta-v-vene