The wheel of time rotates back and only for one weekend. The annual parade “Vienna Classic Days” takes place in a charming and friendly atmosphere, which has long turned into a cult event pleasing a large audience along a stretch of path starting at the Vienna City Hall. Participants in the parade and the stars of motorsport to the rumble of motors and the overflow of waltz present their magnificent cars, some of which are sometimes already over 100 years old.

For some this is a test of time, for others, it is a unique opportunity to show brilliance and all the best from the past era, but be that as it may – all antique cars have excellent technical components, love for details and the incredible pride of their owners.

On Saturday at 11:01 a.m. a rally starts in the fight for the OCC-Allianz Trophy where the indicator is the participant’s best personal time. The first stage will take place along the legendary race track of the 50s – the Vienna Forest with all the serpentines of roads and magnificent views of Vienna. Participants have to go through several checkpoints in the city and drive along the Danube to complete the rally to the sound of “Kaisermühlenblues” in the 22nd district of Vienna. The organizer of the rally is Magistrate 48.

The Walzer-Show with professional dancers begins in the square in front of the Town Hall from 3:00 p.m. where everyone can dance. The uniqueness of Viennese cuisine will make you want to have a picnic by the road. There is something to see and something to be amazed at throughout the vintage holiday, and of course, everyone can take pictures with the cars of their parents and grandparents.

At 5:00 p.m. – perhaps the most important event, the parade of all antique cars along the Vienna Ringstrasse starts.

On Sunday, the second stage of the rally for the OCC-Allianz Trophy will be held, which will end in Donaupark’s under the Danube tower. Of course, in any weather!

Source: Dirk Hartung©