he decision of the leadership of the Russian national team to hold a training camp before the World Cup in 2018, not on the home fields, but in Austria, caused mixed reactions among fans of the country. Many saw in him a threat to the image of the home championship. How is it – they were preparing excellent stadiums, sports bases, and now, in full view of the whole world, we are going to the most responsible football competitions in another country?

Social networks are full of discussions on sensitive topics. Opinions on this subject are different, up to the harshest. “360” decided to sort out the question.

Football experts interviewed by the “360” correspondent showed surprising unanimity. It turned out that people who are perfectly familiar with the most popular sport see in the decision of the head coach of the Russian team Stanislav Cherchesov the meaning hidden from the narrow-minded people. Despite the fact that in football, as everyone knows, everyone understands. At least, all fans are sure of it.

The well-known goalkeeper, a member of the 2002 World Cup in the Russian national football team Ruslan Nigmatullin believes that the national team must avoid pressure that must accompany it at home in order to properly prepare for the World Cup.

“I think that the Russian team decided to hold a training camp abroad, so that there would be no distraction here,” said Nigmatullin.

In addition, in his opinion, Austria is a very familiar country for Cherchesov. Perhaps that is why the head coach chose her as a place for responsible team fees.

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